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Beyond the Raves

Below the Kaye Publicity office, there was a wine bar with tasty small plates, gorgeous outdoor patio, and a large variety of wines and cocktails. Even though it was a tad overpriced, it was still cocktails and small plates, so the bill was never outrageous. And it was always packed. Earlier this year, the owners… Read more »

More on the Business of Reviewing

It appears I’m not the only one who’s saddened and upset by all that is going on in the world of publishing and book reviewing. Rather than beat a dead horse, I’ll point you to a few corners of the internet where the discussion is taking place:   FORBES – Fake Reviews: Amazon’s Rotten Core… Read more »

Need a Review? Pay Up!

Anyone who knows me knows how paranoid I am about conflict of interest. When I began doing publicity, I discarded my book critic hat. I don’t handle publicity for media outlets as I believe could pose a conflict when it came to covering my author clients. Most people will call me overly paranoid, but anything… Read more »

Pay It Forward

No one gets ahead in life without a helping hand. As a debut author, you’re charged with the task of asking authors for blurbs, an intimidating proposition for most. How, as an unknown author, are you supposed to ask a veteran author to take the time, read your book, and offer praise? But the truth… Read more »

Something Nice or Nothing at All?

As a blogger, we love comments. After all, without comments, we’re just standing on a soap box preaching. Without comments, there is no conversation. It’s also validation that people are reading what we write and are interested enough to participate in the discussion For a while, I’ve been advising my authors to read blogs and… Read more »

Calling Foul on Reviewers

I always remind authors and publishing pros to be aware of their online presence. On twitter and Facebook, you’re no longer a “civilian.” You’re a public figure. Therefore, I warn against slamming people in the media, criticizing books or other authors, and more often than not, my advice is to hold your tongue. But today,… Read more »

If You Read, They Will Cover

I hear a lot of authors complain about the fact that media doesn’t cover fiction anymore. Book review sections are shrinking, even disappearing, and there are hardly any radio and TV shows that feature novelists. But my retort is always, why do you think that is? Most novelists I know don’t read the NYT book… Read more »

Don’t Be Crazy

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. By his definition, most authors and publishers should be sent to the loony bin. We do the same publicity efforts over and over and hope that this time, it will result in bestsellerdom. After each publicity campaign, it’s important to evaluate… Read more »

Jen Forbus Makes It Work

I have been blessed to know Jen Forbus for many years. She was one of the first book bloggers I contacted as a publicist, and since then, she has reviewed dozens of my authors books. What I enjoy about her blog, Jen’s Book Thoughts, is that she extends beyond traditional reviews and helps readers get… Read more »

Jon Jordan Makes It Work

For this week’s Make It Work Monday, I talked to Jon Jordan of Crimespree Magazine, which he runs with his wife Ruth. John and Ruth started off as fans of crime fiction and the turned their love of the genre into a bi-monthly magazine which features reviews, features, and original fiction. In addition to the… Read more »