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Need a Review? Pay Up!

Anyone who knows me knows how paranoid I am about conflict of interest. When I began doing publicity, I discarded my book critic hat. I don’t handle publicity for media outlets as I believe could pose a conflict when it came to covering my author clients. Most people will call me overly paranoid, but anything… Read more »

Pay It Forward

No one gets ahead in life without a helping hand. As a debut author, you’re charged with the task of asking authors for blurbs, an intimidating proposition for most. How, as an unknown author, are you supposed to ask a veteran author to take the time, read your book, and offer praise? But the truth… Read more »

Something Nice or Nothing at All?

As a blogger, we love comments. After all, without comments, we’re just standing on a soap box preaching. Without comments, there is no conversation. It’s also validation that people are reading what we write and are interested enough to participate in the discussion For a while, I’ve been advising my authors to read blogs and… Read more »

It’s Time To Commit

I read a lot of blogs, but the only ones I will claim I read regularly are the ones I subscribe to. Subscribing to blogs is like subscribing to magazines and newspapers: they show up in your inbox whether you remember to check it or not. Currently, 365 Days of Book Publicity receives an average… Read more »

Mother’s Day Books

Forgot to get mom something for Mother’s Day? A book is always  a thoughtful gift:   Photo courtesy of Tres Sugar. Click here for the full list of Mother’s Day books.    

Avoiding the Norm

So much of what we do is duplication. Writers are inspired by novels and attempt to capture the same storytelling fundamentals in their own work. Agents follow trends of what’s selling and what’s not. They look at how their mentors shape their client list and attempt to do the same. Publicists look at what other… Read more »