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For The Indie Authors…

Since Kaye Publicity doesn’t represent self-published authors, I wanted to dedicate a post to those who go that route. While all the publicity and marketing advice I post can apply to self-published titles, there are a few additional elements that are of special importance to the indie folks:   Cover is everything. The reading public… Read more »

A Shift in Job Description

I’ve always said that for promotion to be effective, you had to approach it like a mosaic: a variety of small efforts need to come together to form the big picture. One or two tactics alone wouldn’t be enough to move the needle. As publishing changes and the way we receive our information shifts, this… Read more »

Publicizing E-book Originals

One of the benefits of e-books becoming more and more in demand is that publishers are responding to the demand with e-book original imprints. Simon & Schuster recently launched Pocket Star, Harlequin has Carina Press, Penguin has InterMix, and Harper has Avon Impulse. Each of these publishers is acquiring new titles and putting them out… Read more »

Publishing Myths…Debunked!

I need to use all forms of social media. Rather than being a jack of all trades and a master of none, consider choosing 1-2 forms of social media and perfecting them. Which forms you use will depend on your audience. All I have to do is write. My publisher will handle all your marketing… Read more »

Promote vs. Write

There is an interesting article on the Forbes website this morning: Book Promotion for Self-Publishers: A Waste of Time? I’ve discuss the limited effects of publicity for self-published titles, but it’s interesting to hear it from a self-published author. She urges self-pubbers to worry less about promotion and focus on writing more books, that publicity… Read more »

Other Thoughts on Self-Publishing

No matter how much information and data is out there and how many voices are being heard, I’m still asked constantly about self-publishing. Though I’ve covered the topic here and here, I thought it would be helpful to hear a couple authors weigh in. Check out these interviews and blog posts written by traditionally self-published… Read more »

Self-Publishing By The Numbers

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this interesting infographic:   Though I’m a creative type, I’m also pretty obsessed with numbers and charts, so I found this to be a really interesting breakdown of self publishing vs. traditional. If you just scan the article, it will probably seem like e-books and self-publishing are no brainers. You receive… Read more »