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Make Every Trip a Business Trip

Though many authors don’t have the budget to embark on a national tour, most of us, travel for pleasure at least once or twice throughout the year. Whether you’re visiting family at the holidays or taking the kids on a summer road trip, here are a few easy ways to turn every trip into a… Read more »

Blogger Etiquette

It’s no question that blog reviews are the next frontier. As books sections dwindle and newspapers go under, books coverage will continue to move online and more blogs will continue to emerge. As an author, I highly recommend cultivating relationships with bloggers and seeking out opportunities for them to review your book. As more book… Read more »

Something Nice or Nothing at All?

As a blogger, we love comments. After all, without comments, we’re just standing on a soap box preaching. Without comments, there is no conversation. It’s also validation that people are reading what we write and are interested enough to participate in the discussion For a while, I’ve been advising my authors to read blogs and… Read more »

Platform First and Query Later?

Today, I had lunch with a former intern of mine who recently completed a comic book series. He’s preparing to go out on submission, and wanted to discuss different angles he could pursue. I can attest that he’s a talented writer, but in this publishing climate, is talent enough? The question was raised, query now… Read more »

Your Audience: Women

According to She-Economy, 85% of all brand purchases are made by women. Women make up a similar percentage of book buyers, so even if you’re writing masculine books, you still need to appeal to a female audience. Mashable posted an interesting article about marketing to women via social media. I think authors can benefit from… Read more »

Generations At War?

Although I often have the mind (and the bedtime) of a 60-something, I am indeed, still in my 20’s. However, when I read this poorly written and misinformed blog post, I really wished I wasn’t a part of this generation: Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25 To be honest, other than Justin… Read more »

Posting Photos: A Cautionary Tale

Yesterday, author Roni Lauren posted a cautionary blog. She had been sued for photos she used on her blog, despite the fact that they fell under the “fair use” umbrella and she had a disclaimer under each post: Here’s what I learned about Fair Use: It DOESN’T MATTER… if you link back to the source… Read more »

Journalism or Rumor Mill?

Earlier this week, I posted an infographic illustrating how social media is replacing traditional journalism. Interesting on its own, but I thought it required some elaboration. First off, I believe the media already works too fast. The 24-hour news cycle reports on stories before they have the facts, stories break and spread through social media… Read more »

What You’re Owed?

As an author, you are not entitled to media coverage. Sending out ARCs doesn’t guarantee reviews or interviews and just because a blogger requests a book does not mean they are obligated to review it. Today, I read a blog post from Addicted 2 Novels charging bloggers with an obligation to review books: “Plain and… Read more »