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For The Indie Authors…

Since Kaye Publicity doesn’t represent self-published authors, I wanted to dedicate a post to those who go that route. While all the publicity and marketing advice I post can apply to self-published titles, there are a few additional elements that are of special importance to the indie folks:   Cover is everything. The reading public… Read more »

A Shift in Job Description

I’ve always said that for promotion to be effective, you had to approach it like a mosaic: a variety of small efforts need to come together to form the big picture. One or two tactics alone wouldn’t be enough to move the needle. As publishing changes and the way we receive our information shifts, this… Read more »

Am I Doing This Right?

Five Signs You’re Not Utilizing Social Media   You haven’t posted in 48 hours or more. Social Media only works if you maintain an active presence. To maintain that presence, you should be posting to Facebook at least every other day. On Twitter, it’s necessary to post 1-2 times a day. Any less than that,… Read more »

Make Every Trip a Business Trip

Though many authors don’t have the budget to embark on a national tour, most of us, travel for pleasure at least once or twice throughout the year. Whether you’re visiting family at the holidays or taking the kids on a summer road trip, here are a few easy ways to turn every trip into a… Read more »

Where Does All the Time Go?

As an author, you are constantly juggling tasks. You have books to write, books to promote, and in most cases, you have a day job and a family to tend to. There’s not much room for procrastination or wasting time. If time management is something you struggle with, here are a few tips to make… Read more »

Questions For You

Authors ask me for advice all the time. They want to know if they should invest in advertising, try their hand at blogging, print up bookmarks or postcards. They want to know what works and what doesn’t, and I try to address that on this blog. But before you ask me whether or not you… Read more »

Sending for Reinforcements…On a Budget

When it comes to hiring a publicist, budget is always an issue. Unfortunately, book advances aren’t what they used to be and not everyone can afford to bring on the outside help. So what do you do if you have a shoestring budget but still need help with publicity? First off, I’m not a fan… Read more »

The Art of Paneling

This weekend was the 70th annual World Science Fiction Convention, and lucky me, I was able to spend a day there. I’ve been to a lot of conventions, but this was a truly unique blend of the Comic-Con crowd and the Bouchercon/RWA crowd. In the lobby, you’d have a table with an editor and author… Read more »