Help! I have a book coming out!

I have a book coming out, now what?

Everything you need to know, learn, and do for your book launch

Congratulations, you have a book coming out! Whether you’ve signed with a publisher or going the indie route, there are a number of things that need to be done to ensure a successful book launch.

Before Your Book Launch

Establish Your Author Brand

A memorable and favorable author brand is the foundation to all successful writing careers, so it’s important to establish yours before your book comes out.

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Get Your Online House in Order

When you google yourself, what do you see? If you’re a debut author, chances are, there isn’t much. But that’s the first thing potential readers will do when they hear your name, especially if you have a new book coming out!

Update or create an author site that reflects your author brand and boasts all the necessary information (your book cover, synopsis, buy links, etc.) Determine which social media platforms you’ll utilize for book promotion and secure your accounts. Claim your author profiles on Amazon, Goodreads, and BookBub.

Remember, the moment you publish a book is the same moment you become a public figure. It’s important your online footprint reflects your author brand.

Create a Content Strategy

You’ve claimed your social media platforms and author profiles; that’s step one. Step two is figuring out what you are going to post on those platforms.

The key to a successful content strategy is that all topics relate to your author brand and appeal to your target audience. You may be a millennial dog-mom, but if your audience is made up of baby boomers grandparents, then it may not make sense to post your funny dog TikToks.

Picture your typical reader. Where do they get their information? What do they do when they’re not reading? What other hobbies do they have? Do they have kids? Pets?

Once you have a clear sense of your typical reader, go back to your author brand and identify areas of overlap. Those topics will serve as your central content strategy.

Set Up Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most important marketing tool in an author’s toolbox. Email marketing allows you to grow an audience before you have a book coming out, and continue to nurture that relationship after your book releases.

Choose an email service provider (we recommend MailerLite), set up your list, and add subscribe forms to your website and email signature. Then, decide on a newsletter schedule (most authors send monthly) and set up a template to create those regular newsletters more easily. It’s also important to create a calendar so you can keep track of what type of content you’re sending and when.

Coordinate Efforts With Your Publisher

Only for Traditionally Published Authors

If you’re working with a publisher, it’s important to coordinate efforts with your in-house team. Every publisher provides a different amount of support, and that support often depends on the author and publishing deal. When you have a book coming out, it’s important to have a clear sense of what your publisher will support and where you’ll have to supplement.

Compile your questions and ideas in advance of the meeting. Let the publisher share their plans and ideas. Take notes and identify areas where you’ll need to fill in the gaps. The key to working with your publisher is to let them share their plans first, then offer yours. You don’t want to let them off the hook!

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Launch Week

Welcome to your book launch week! The most important thing to remember is stay calm. You’ve waited for this moment for a long time, and you’ll likely have much to do. But luckily, we’ve created a launch week checklist to ensure nothing slips through the cracks:

  • Send a launch day e-blast announcing that your book is out today.
  • Post to social media announcing that your book is out
  • Contact your author friends, family members, and other people in your network who can help spread the word.
  • If you have events, confirm any last minute details with the venues.

And most importantly, celebrate! You’ve worked long and hard to reach this moment; don’t forget to enjoy it!

After Your Book Launch

Your book launch week is only the beginning! It’s important to nurture the relationships you created during this time.. That way, the next time you have a book coming out, you’ll have a group of loyal and engaged readers already waiting!

First, send a post-launch newsletter with a gentle ask for readers to post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Consumer reviews are crucial for readers to discover your work, and your loyal fans are more than willing to help.

Next, schedule a call with your publisher (or publishing team) to debrief on the book launch. What worked? What didn’t? Will you do anything differently when your next book comes out?

And finally, get to work on the next book. Nothing sells a first book like a second one!

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