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Meet the KP marketing and events team

Ready to launch your own book promotion campaign but don’t know where to start? Looking for a more economical option that still takes the guesswork out of book PR?

You’re ready for one of our DIY packages!

We offer a variety of packages to meet your needs and achieve your goals. Want an expert to review your website and social media pages? We offer comprehensive online presence evaluations. More interested in securing media coverage? We offer a publicity plan that includes a full media list (with contact information), recommended pitch angles, and pitch templates to eliminate all the guesswork. Or get it all and save when you bundle!

Online Presence Evaluation

Because it's time to get your online house in order!
$ 600
  • Comprehensive evaluation of your website and 3 primary social media platforms
  • Content strategy for newsletter and social media content
  • 1-hour consultation to discuss the materials

Publicity Plan

Secure media coverage for your book in less time!
$ 800
  • A tailor-made media list complete with contact information
  • 3-4 possible pitch angles
  • Templates for press materials and pitch emails
  • 1-hour consultation to discuss the materials

Marketing Plan

Get your book in front of more readers!
$ 900
  • Comprehensive evaluation of your website and 3 primary social media platforms
  • 3-4 marketing initatives, specifically for your book
  • Marketing calendar
  • Social media graphic templates
  • 1-hour consultation to discuss the materials

Publicity + Marketing Plan

Save $200 when you bundle!
$ 1500
  • Full Publicity Plan
  • Full Marketing Plan
Save $200!

How it works:

Here's what previous clients had to say:

Still on the fence? Let's address your concerns!

Absolutely not! Journalists and producers only care about professionalism and content. Publicists don’t have some kind of super power to win over journalists; they just know how to write a good pitch and how to nurture a professional relationship. In fact, many editors prefer working directly with the authors because it cuts out the middle-person. Those who have purchased our publicity plans and pitch using our templates consistently secure media coverage for their books.

Yes, between writing, a day job, and familial obligations, it can be challenging to squeeze in anything else. But that’s why you’re hiring us to provide the plans and the resources; all you have to do is execute. And even if you can only do one thing each day, or even each week, you’ll still work your way through your to-dos and execute an effective PR campaign.

Yep, I get it. It would be MUCH easier to just hand this off to someone else. But ultimately, it’s crucial that you see a return on investment, and for many authors, spending $10,000 on a full-service campaign just doesn’t yield an ROI. You want to have a thriving writing career, and that means earning money from your book sales. By doing a portion of the work yourself, you’ll invest less money on the front end and receive a greater payoff down the road. And if you still need some help, you can always hire a virtual assistant to execute these plans. Their rates tend to be far lower than those of a PR agency.

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