LinkedIn? Opt Out!

This morning, I did something I haven’t done since last year: sign in to my LinkedIn account. I was greeted by hundreds of invitations, dozens of messages about new book releases, Kickstarter projects, and upcoming events. I scanned the list of messages, deleted all of them, accepted all the invites, and signed off.

I view LinkedIn as a business networking tool for people working in corporate. It’s a way to make yourself more discoverable by recruiters, connect with people who may be helpful to your career, and maintain a resume online.

I don’t believe it is a place for authors. How people interact on LinkedIn is very different in comparison to twitter and Facebook. Almost all interaction has to do with B2B networking and employees expanding their reach. People aren’t on LinkedIn to find out about new books or events happening in their area. And if it’s not the right audience, what’s the point of spending time there?

Take my advice, authors. Skip LinkedIn and focus on the communities that matter. There’s no point wasting your time in an online space that isn’t designed for authors, talking to a community that’s not there to learn about new books.

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